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KF200 Laser Gas Analyzer

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KF200 series Laser Gas Analyzer are developed aiming at the industrial on-line analyzing, environmental on-line monitoring .
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Product Description

The KF200 Series Laser Gas Analyzer is developed aiming at industrial on-line analyzing, and online environmental monitoring. Based on the semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (DLAS) technology, it is developed with features of an integrated design and high level of integration.

With various types of the KF200 series laser gas analyzer, including in-situ probing type, by-pass type, multi-channel and disc-mounted type, etc., gases like O2, CO, NH3, CO2, CH4, H2O, HC, HF, etc., can all be analyzed. The concentration analyzing of target gases includes the macro-analysis and micro-analysis.

Technical Principle:

Modulate laser (tunable) wavelength by using the current and temperature to scan the specific absorption peak of the measured gas (no background gas absorption), and then get the second harmonic of the gas absorption. By using the second harmonic information and the broadening of the gas, the concentration of the gas can be calculated.

未标题-1Technical Characteristics:

The TDLAS technology is adopted for in-situ online gas analyzing;

Double-proof probe design negates positive pressure purge, with no additional data processing unit, a simple compact structure and high reliability;

Using high-power lasers, no fibre coupling, suitable for harsh working conditions (such as excessive dust);

Using the patented technology of spot light path adjustment, easy for on-site installation

Technical Specifications:

Technical Data

linearity error

 ±1 F.S.

Span drift

 ±1 F.S./6 months



calibration period

 1 time/6 month

Explosion-proof Grade

Ex d IIC T6

 Protection levels


Response Time

Warming-up time

 15 min

Response time(T90)

 1 s

Interface Signals

Analogue outputs

2-wire 4–20 mA signal input (Isolated, Max. load 750 Ω)

Relay output

3-wire relay (24 V,1A)

Digital Communication


Analogue inputs

2-way 4–20 mA input (temperature-pressure compensation)

Laser Safety Standard

GB7247.1-2001 (idt IEC 60825-1:1993)

Operating Conditions

Storage Temperature

-30℃  +60℃

Ambient temperature

-40℃  +80℃


IEC 6100-4-2, IEC 6100-4-3, IEC 6100-4-4, IEC 6100-4-5,IEC 6100-4-11

Gas jet

0.3 0.8 MPa industrial nitrogen inlet and purification instrument gases, etc.


 20 W


24 V DC (18-36 V DC), 220 V AC

Gas Detection Limits:

Detection Gas Type

Detection Limit

Detection range


0.01% Vol.

(0-1)%Vol., (0-100)%Vol.


10 ppm



20 ppm

(0-2000) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


0.1 ppm

(0-50) ppm,(0-100)%Vol.


0.1 ppm

(0-10) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.



(0-10) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


10 ppm

(0-1000) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


0.3 ppm

(0-50) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


0.02 ppm

(0-5) ppm, (0-10000) ppm


0.3 ppm

(0-30) ppm, (0-1)%Vol.


0.4 ppm

(0-40) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


0.6 ppm

(0-60) ppm, (0-100)%Vol.


1) The test conditions include a 1-meter optical path, 1 bar gas pressure, and a 300 K gas temperature.

2) Increasing the optical path will proportionally lower the detection limit.

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