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KL99-EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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Product Description





The EEBD may to provide constant fresh airflow and is used for personal escaping from a dangerous environment full of poisonous harmful air, smoke or lack of oxygen. Used for fighting fire, entering oxygen deficient voids or tanks, or worn by fire fighters.

It consists of carbon fibre cylinders, full face mask, air supply valve, gas ducts and polybag, can provide individuals 15 or 20 minutes of constant gas for escape.



 Key Features

• Light and convenient for operation
• Demand type; can be reused
• Y-type design; cylinder valve with gauge; normal pressure indication
• Prevent accident from occurring during emergency escape and keep sufficient air supply
• Carbon fiber air cylinder; working pressure: 30MPa; 2L/3L- air cylinder is optional
• PG-S pressure Gauge can make the storage volume in the bottle read clearly under a complex and dark environment.
• It can be carried by shoulders, which can make the hands perform other protection operation for escape.
• Not affected by dense smoke and external severe environment.
• The service time is 20-30 mins, which can make relevant personnel quickly evacuate from the dangerous environment
• Safe and reliable; it is a kind of important escape unit used in dangerous environment


Cylinder material

Carbon fiber composites


Compressed air

Hydrostatic pressure


Working pressure

30 MPa



Gas cylinder volume

2L / 3L

Max flow

300 L/min

Inhalation resistance


Exhalation resistance

<1000 Pa

Alarm pressure

4~6 Mpa

Service time

10 minutes of 2L / 15 minutes of 3L

Texture of material of cylinder


Cylinder inner wall coating

Pickling and phosphating


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