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KL99-SABA Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus KL99-SABA Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus


KL99-SABA Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus

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  • KL99-SABA



Product Description

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1. A01 full mask

(1) Three dimension spherical visor. The visual field could reach 91% with great optics. The lens has been rigidified and anti-fog processed thus can be without fog on surface for long time.

(2) Fit for people's face, comfortable donning and good leak tightness.

(3) Plug-in structure to quick connect with demand valve.

(4) Leak tight mask is made of high quality flame,resistant silicon rubber, oronasal cover use top silicon rubber, soft and high temperature resistant.

(5) Flame resistant reticulated hood and strap are easy to wear.

(6) Adopt high-intensity sound transmission diaphragm.

(7) Oronasal guard suitable for wearers, decrease the inhalation carbon dioxide content.

2. A02 air supply valve

(1) Demand valve, with small size, can be inserted mask in 360o promptly. Gas supply is above 500L/min.

(2) Streamlined and elegant design, do not obstruct view

(3) Manuel close valve has small resistance for opening

(4) Small breathing resistance to make respiration comfortable

(5) Easy operation and use

(6) Ensure safe air supply by using manual force air supply button

(7) Outer shell uses flame resistance high intensity engineering plastics

3. A03 Harness assembly

(1) Material: High quality nylon, high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile, compressive strength, outstanding fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance

(2) Fit for people's body, ergonomic design

4. A04 Tube assembly

(1) With high air-sealed quick disconnect coupling

(2) High quality tube

5. A05 Cylinder valve with pressure guage

(1) cylinder valve with gauge; normal pressure indication, preventing  accident from occurring during emergency escape and keep sufficient air supply

(2) PG-S pressure Gauge can make the storage volume in the bottle read clearly under a complex and dark environment.

6 A06 Carbon fiber composites cylinder 2L/3L

(1) Carbon fibre cylinder has the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion-resistant and anti-shocking. 

(2) Carbon fibre composite cylinder, inter layer is made of high intensity aluminum alloy, fully wrapped with carbon fiber composite. 

(3) The glass fiber surface screw is  M18*1.5.

7. A07 optional extension hose

High quality exention hose for connecting with air supplied air respirator. 

Cylinder material

Carbon fiber composites


Compressed air

Hydrostatic pressure


Working pressure

30 MPa



Gas cylinder volume

2L / 3L

Max flow

300 L/min

Inhalation resistance


Exhalation resistance

<1000 Pa

Alarm pressure

4~6 Mpa

Service time

10 minutes of 2L / 15 minutes of 3L

Texture of material of cylinder


Cylinder inner wall coating

Pickling and phosphating

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