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The WT-QY800B continuous ultra-low emissions monitoring system is used for continuous monitoring of parameters of the flue gas, such as SO2, NOx, O2, dust, temperature, pressure, and flow speed.


  • CEMS-100


Product Description

Flue gas continuous monitoring system(CEMS) (Hereafter called system) can automatically monitor SO2, NO, CO, O2, dust, flue gas flow and pressure, temperature and so on. The system can be flexible and optimized configuration based on the specific conditions of the site parameters and technical requirements, can be measurement for gaseous substances, dust and other in the continuous flue gas emission, to achieve the quantitative control of flue gas emissions.


a) In accordance with the complete system requirements, adopt analysis cabinet structure, complete the " Engineer, Procure and Construct design", simplified installation and commissioning.

b) Adopt imported high-performance membrane pump configuration, the pump with strong anti-corrosion ability, high reliability, long service life, small maintenance workload, reliable operation.

c) The device pretreatment system uses a special structural design, using two dehumidification, three dust elimination, combined with the purification method of coarse filtration and fine filtration, dehumidification and acid fog elimination, in long-term operation shows the effective solution to the high dust, high humidity and sulfur conditions, big maintenance workload, low online continuous operation rate. Stable and reliable performance, small maintenance workload.

d) The device uses dry process, extract the sampling style, pulse cleaning, sampling tube electric heating, program control and other technology, with automatic sampling, continuous operation, control interlock and other functions.


Apply to on-line continuous automatic analysis to monitor the SO2, NO, CO, O2, dust, flow, temperature, pressure, etc. in the flue gas pipeline of various industrial boilers, kiln and heating furnace, adjust the best air to fuel ratio according to the analysis results, improve combustion efficiency, to achieve energy conservation and reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, the system is widely used in thermal power plants, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials and other industries.


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