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WT602 Dust Meter

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Product Description

WT602 dust meter is an online dust analysis product independently developed and produced by the company. It adopts the mainstream laser backscatter measurement technology, and its key components are all imported. The product is used for continuous monitoring of particulate matter emission concentrations of various pollution sources. It can be used with a continuous flue gas monitoring system (CEMS), or it can be connected to a soot monitoring network individually or multiple units, sharing a set of data collection and processing background.

This product is widely used in thermal power generation, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical industry, cement production, ceramics, waste incineration, etc., various power generation boilers, industrial kilns, industrial boilers, smoke emission monitoring and flue gas desulfurization and dust removal project monitoring and control 


1)Laser backward scattering principle can prevent the laser beam from swinging Then the refractive index is uneven during the mechanical vibration at uneven temperature.

2)Single-Side installation without optical path alignment.

3)The on-site display can read the dust concentration in the field.

4)After the laser beam is modulated, the system can significantly improve its anti-interference ability.

5)The device design has been implementing the thinking of" no tool"on-site installation, to minimize the complexity of field installation.

6)(4-20)mA standard industrial current output makes the connection easy.

7)Device overall power consumption is very low at around 3w.

8)Generally, the standard setup parameters are applicable to the flue wall with a thickness less than 400mm and a diameter greater than the device stack label size The measuring area can be customized as required specifically. Users may also adjust the area under the approval and guidance of the maintenance personnel.



Note: has adopted a 128x64 graphic LCD for display. The LCD contrast display adjustment can be made through adjusting a potentiometer on the front panel. 





Laser backscatter

Working wavelength


Zero drift



Range drift



Indication error



Response time

≤ 10s

≤ 10s

Diameter of flue



Operating temperature

 (-40+65) ºC

(-20+50) ºC

Flue temperature



Flue pressure



Signal output

(4-20) mA

(4-20) mA

Power supply

DC 24V ± 10%

DC 24V ± 10%


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