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KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus
KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus


KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

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Product Description

KL99B Double Bottle Self-contained Breathing Apparatus


The self-contained positive pressure air breathing apparatus of KL99 series, which is a kind of isolated protective breathing equipment, provides respiratory protection for users working in oxygen-deficient environment or the environment with toxic and harmful gas. Under normal conditions, the pressure in the respirator mask is a little higher than the pressure in external environment, which can effectively prevent external toxic and harmful gas from intruding into the mask, and guarantee the safety of users.

The product can widely apply to such industries as fire fighting, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, power, shipping, military and army, public security, etc.

The air cylinder can be 3L/4.7L/6.8L/9L-carbon fiber composite air cylinder or 6L-steel cylinder (for ship use).

A complete set contain with parts as following: 

1. KL99-A01 Full mask


Three-dimension spherical visor. The visual field could reach 91% with great optics. The lens has been rigidified and anti-fog processed thus can be without fog on surface for long time.

Fit for people’s face, comfortable donning and good leak tightness.

Plug-in structure to quick connect with demand valve.

Leak tight mask is made of high quality flame resistant silicon rubber, oronasal cover use top silicon rubber, soft and high temperature resistant.

Flame resistant reticulated hood and strap are easy to wear.

Adopt high-intensity sound transmission diaphragm.

Oronasal guard suitable for wearers, decrease the inhalation carbon dioxide content.

1. KL99-A02 Audible warning device and pressure gauge


The pressure gauge is specified by scale ranged between(0-40)MPa, it is connected with the Reducer through a high pressure hose. The dial plate is made of fluorescent material, which enables user to read the figure in darkness.

The gauge surface is made of shock resistant material, protected by rubber cover, and is waterproof, quake-proof, and dust-proof.

The alarming device is designed on the high pressure hose close to the pressure indicator. When cylinder pressure is below5.5±0.5M Pa, the alarming whistle will sound alarming at above 90d B(A).


2. KL99-A03 Back plate assembly


Back plate assembly consists of back plate, shoulder strap, waist belt, buckle, pressure reducer holder and cylinder fastener. Back plate is designed according to ergonomics, complying with the back shape of human body, making wearer more comfortable with a larger interface. It is injection moulded by flame resistant engineering plastics and carbon fiber, it is of high intensity and shock-resistance to protect from being damaged, while weight is only 0.68kg. Shoulder straps and belt are made of Nomex or KEVLAR, tear-resistant and flame-retardant. And they together distribute the weight of the apparatus effectively. Pressure reducer which is fixed by drift bolt on back plate can be replaced easily.


3. KL99-A04 Demand valve


Demand valve, with small size, can be inserted mask in 360o promptly. Gas supply is above 500L/min.

Streamlined and elegant design, do not obstruct view

Manuel close valve has small resistance for opening

Small breathing resistance to make respiration comfortable

Easy operation and use

Ensure safe air supply by using manual force air supply button

Outer shell uses flame resistance high intensity engineering plastics


4. KL99-A05 Pressure reducer


The pressure reducer core adopts advanced technology with a design life of 15 years. The unique maximum gas supply is above 1000L/min, ensuring the user’s enough respiratory volume.

The main parts that connected with the reducer:

Single or double cylinder

The medium pressure hose whose function is to supply air to the demand valve

The high pressure hose connected with the pressure indicator



5. Cylinder valve



Y shape design, with safe self lock device to prevent inadvertent close due to hard knock or incorrect operation.Unscrew the switch hand-wheel by rotating in the counterclockwise direction, it is regarded as the open condition and close vice versa. There is safety diaphragm set in cylinder valve, with explosion pressure at (37-45)MPa to prevent the deformation and explosion of cylinder due to inner high pressure.


6. Mulfunctional quick-release buckle


Stainless steel, strong and durable. Traceless design, safe and reliable.



7. Composite cylinder will be 6.8L


Carbon fibre cylinder has the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion-resistant and anti-shocking.

Carbon fibre composite cylinder, inter layer is made of high intensity aluminum alloy

fully wrapped with carbon fiber composite. The glass fiber surface screw is M18*1.5.

Technical Specification


W.P of air cylinder

Max. air supply flow

Respiratory resistance

Alarm pressure

Gross Weight(with air and valve)

Service time for ref.








5.5±0.5M Pa








5.5±0.5M Pa





Note: The service time is calculated based on medium work intensity (respiratory capacity: 30 L/min).

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