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KL99-FBCAR Cart Type Breathing Apparatus

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Product Description





1. Two-wheeled, poly-coated steel cart, two sets of double-cylinder straps, air-line hose rack and adjustable pull handle

2. Accommodate 2 or 4 x 60-minute, carbon-wrapped cylinders, supplying air for 2 users at the same time, ensure long time operation.

3. The cylinder can be replaced timely, which will not affect work and can effectively save time. 

4. Two cylinders are secured to the unit with the cylinder straps.

5. The standard configuration of medium pressure tubes includes one 40 m main tube and two 10 m branch tubes.

6. The medium pressure tubes can be extended to 90 m according to users' demand, and the air still can be supplied smoothly and comfortably.

7. Flexible connection is adopted for the connection between high-pressure tubes to avoid accidents and effectively prevent the damage of joints caused by collision or friction.

8. The breathing air pressure regulator with large-flow output can ensure sufficient flow of breathing air. 

9. High pressure isolation valve and toggle switch allow the user to switch between ordinary or compressed air sources.

10. The unique stainless steel foot brake can make the device stop on the ground with the gradient of 30°. 



Performance index

4-cylinder device

2-cylinder device




Carbon fiber cylinder

Carbon fiber cylinder

Water capacity

6.8 L

6.8 L

Working pressure

30 MPa

30 MPa




Decompression valve

Input pressure

≤ 30 MPa

≤ 30 MPa

Output pressure

About 0.7 Mpa

About  0.7 Mpa

Maximum output flow

≥ 1000 L/ min

≥ 1000 L/ min

Safety valve

Opening pressure

1.1 ~ 1.7 MPa

1.1 ~ 1.7 MPa


Alarm pressure

5.5±0.5 MPa

5.5±0.5 MPa


Maximum dynamic inhalation resistance

500 Pa

500 Pa

Medium-pressure hose


Standard configuration: 50 m; ≤ 90 m at most

Standard configuration: 50 m; ≤ 90m at most

Packing measurement

External dimension (L*W*H, mm)

900 x 1000 x 520

900 x 970 x 520


81.2 kg

71.5 kg

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