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K1000 Series Gas Detector Controller

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K1000 series gas detector controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 4, 8, 16 and 32 monitored variables.
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Product Description





K1000 series gas detector controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 4, 8, 16 and 32 monitored variables. Easy to configure and user friendly, the K1000 series control system can function as a critical alarm controller for toxic or combustible gases. The controllers are easy to install and feature a large graphical LCD display and non-intrusive user interface for hazardous areas.



1) Accepts up to 4, 8, 16 and 32 inputs from either 4-20mA or Mod-bus t rans mitt ers

2) Internal power supply generates 24VDC and provides 15 watt s total system power; optional 150 watts supply available

3) M od-bus RS-485 serial port s for si mult aneo us master/slave operation

4) Two independent alarm levels per channel."Relay Acknowledge " feature allows sile ncing ext ernal audible devices during exist ing alarm cond 巾ons

5) Standard com mon ala rm relays for HORN, HIGH and WARN

6) Wall mount inst allat ion

7) Grap hic LCD with backlight displays real time data and engineering unit s, indicating two alarms per 16 channels and common relays


Technical Specification

Max . Capacity  of  System: 4/8/16/32 channels    Input Signal:  4~20mA signal (RS-485 signal) Output Signal : RS-485 Acousto optic alarm indication

Alarm Sett ings : High and low alarm values(two alarm values)

Contact Capacity : SA 2SOV AC/ SA 30V DC Display : LCD display Sampling Rat e: <0.l s/c hannel

Measurement Accuracy : < 士 0.2%

Historic Recording : Fault or alarm records for 2000pcs (for 16-channel only) Communication M ode: RS -48S

Communication Range : No relay <1 200m Communication M edium : STP

AC Pow er : 220VAC,50/ 60H z (Tolerance 100~240 V AC) Power : 300W

Operation Temperat u re:  -10° C ~55° C 

Operation Humidity : < 9S% RH (non -conden si ng) Pressure: 86~106kPa

The K1000 Series Gas Detector Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 4, 8, 16 and 32 monitored variables. Easy to configure and user-friendly, the K1000 series control system can function as a critical alarm controller for toxic or combustible gases detection. The controller, which is applicable to hazardous areas, is easy to install and features a large graphical LCD display and a non-intrusive user interface.


1) Up to 4, 8, 16 and 32 inputs from either 4–20 mA or Modbus transmitters

2) 24V DC internal power supply provides a 15 watts total system power; optional 150 watts supply available

3) Modbus RS-485 serial ports for simultaneous master/slave operation

4) Two independent alarm levels per channel.“Relay Acknowledge” feature allows silencing external audible alarm devices in existing alarm conditions

5) Standard common alarm relays for HORN, HIGH and WARN

6) Wall-mounted installation design

7) A graphical LCD with backlight displays real-time data and engineering units, indicating two alarms per 16 channels and common relays






Max. Capacity of System 4/8/16/32 channels
Input Signal 4 ~ 20 mA signal (RS-485 signal)
Output Signal RS-485
Acousto optic alarm indication
Alarm Settings High and low alarm values (two alarm values)
Contact Capacity 5 A 250 V AC / 5 A 30 V DC
Display LCD display
Sampling Rate < 0.1 s/channel
Measurement Accuracy <±0.2%
Historic Recording Fault or alarm records for 2000 pcs (for 16-channel only)
Communication Mode RS-485
Communication Range Up to 1200 m, without relay
Communication Medium STP
AC Power 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Tolerance 100 ~ 240 V AC)
Power 300 W
Operation Temperature -10° C ~ 55° C
Operation Humidity < 95% RH (non-condensing)
Pressure 86 ~ 106 kPa

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