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KL99-PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator

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Product Description




The KL99-PAPR is a fan-assisted respiratory protective device system that comes with a battery-powered blower, three filters, and a full face mask or a breathing hood. This applies particularly to work that is hard, warm or of long duration. The headgear may be a hood with a face shield, a half mask, or a full face mask. The blower is equipped with three filter cans, and the filtered air is fed through a hose to the headgear. The pressure generated prevents surrounding pollutants from penetrating into the mask. The powered blower unit provides filtered air for a wide range of industrial applications, such as industrial welding, agriculture and waste disposal.


The unit supplies clean and filtered ambient air to mask for safe breathing. It allows the user to breathe in air without need to overcome the resistance of the filter. Considering that an adult requires about 50 litres of air per minute, the over supply capacity ensures a possible pressure in the mask and thus a high degree of protection.
A fully charged battery offers about 8 hours continuous operation. The unit contains a warning device to warn the user of reduced air supply, due to filter clogging or low battery.


Technical Parameter


12 V/3400 mAh chargeable Li-ion Battery

Working hours at full power

> 4 hours

Charging Cycle Times

> 200 times

Air output gear

145 L/min

Noise level

< 50 dB


185 (length) x 162 (width) x 101 (height)


< 850 g

Cartridge or Filter Include

With three replaceable filters to remove aerosol

Green LED power indicator

Fast lock and unlock structure

Automatic detection and warning of low voltage

Normal use after 7J energy shock

Heat-resistant and cold-resistant

It can be normally used after being stored under the concentration of 5000ppm hydrogen tetroxide steam for five hours

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